Our material testing is all about .....

Material strength

"Pull test" on grid tees, hangers and the like.

Vibration testing to check structural soundness.

Water resistance

"Rain" test - per UL Wet Location

Water spray - High volume / Low pressure (Marine-type luminaires)

Water spray - Low volume / High pressure

BALLabs water resistance testing will help show how well your luminaire is suited for outdoor use, marine use or other environments where it will be exposed to moisture or even "hosed down" on a regular basis. These include testing to adherence of Department of Transportation or other specifications.

Fixture Voltage Rise

High Pressure Sodium lamps are affected by the re-radiation of energy through the arc tube and we will measure the luminaire's effects on the lamp to assure that the HPS lamps are not adversely influenced causing early lamp failure.

Paint reflectance testing

Diffuse or Specular material samples (specular samples - flat only)

IPxx (IP65, IP66 or IP54 etc.) Testing Services

Procedure per IEC 60529 Specification - Ingress Protection: IPxx "Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures"

The luminaire is installed into a dust test chamber incorporating the basic principles of the IPxx standard and utilizing talcum powder in suspension while allowing the fixture to rest as intended when it is installed.

The luminaire is also subjected to a steady stream of water directed at the luminaire from all angles from a spray nozzle as designated per the standard.