What does this all mean?? (Photometrics?) and How do you read a photometric file? (you will need Acrobat Reader to view this file)

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IES data files??

Who is the IES and why should I care that BALLabs tests to their recommended practices and standards? IESNA stands for the "Illuminating Engineering Society of North America" and Building Acoustics & Lighting Labs tests to their standards as well as many others - see listing in our Biography (ie. NEMA, UL, NFPA, IEEE). Our President Kent Lerbs and Vice-President Kelly Lerbs are members of this society. Our company founder, Thomas L. Ballman was even a fellow in the society before his death. An IES data file is an electronic photometric data file that we can transfer to you immediately via the Web - so that you can put it into your application program to determine your luminaires performance instantly.

The RP's and LM's are established to ensure that all of the independent laboratories will give comparable results. Thus allowing manufacturer A to test with one lab and manufacturer B to test with another lab and you can directly compare the two resulting reports in areas of efficiency, light distribution and so on.

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