Thermal or Radiant


Bench testing of fluorescent or HID ballasts - elevated ambient or UL-1598. Testing includes items like ballast "hot spot" and lamp "bulb wall" temps.

and/or Assembly

Fluorescent fixture temperature testing per UL-1598

Incandescent temperature tests per UL-1598 including "IC" prequalification

HID full temperature testing to UL-1598 (or elevated ambient) includes average coil temperature by resistance change.

Portable fixtures can be tested to UL-153

as well as many others available.

Fully equipped laboratories can perform:

Lamp voltage rise

Ballast and lamp characteristics:

Ballast light output rating (ballast factor)

Crest Factor

Power Factor

Open and short circuit performance

Current and voltage wave forms

Lamp flicker index

High frequency measurements

Emergency lighting prequalification UL-924