Hardware and optical design and/or mockup fabrication. We are prepared to assist our clients with their product design and development. Optical design includes reflectors, refractors and flat lenses as well as complete luminaires.

Product development from conception through mockup and testing, or revision and refinement of existing products to meet performance goals.

Design drawings can be provided in AutoCAD (c) or DXF (file transfer) format. We can produce prototype samples of the luminaires or optical systems for preliminary photometric testing prior to tooling. All designs are tailored to our client's fabrication capabilities whether brake or hydro-forming or spinning. For products designed for hydro-forming, we produce a tooling plaster from which the hydro-form tool can be directly machined.

Application Engineering - application of products through use of computer analysis to meet job performance criteria. Computer lighting analyses using AGI32 and other point by point softwares including our in-house PNTBY program. Any type of analysis can be provided for both indoor and outdoor along with Iso-plots of the results of the calculations to scale.

Catalog data and templates - all plots, curves, sketches and tables can be supplied to help with your catalog projects. We can provide "quick calculators" for cataloging as well as camera ready Iso-footcandle templates to scale. These services include items such as: Light Cones, Polar Plots of Distribution Curves, Fixture Quantity Estimators (number fixt/room) and Wallwash Performance Quick Estimate Tables.

All BALL reports are provided in *.pdf format at time of testing at no additional cost.

Marketing program development of product or product lines.

Custom computer program development including graphics.

Test equipment and instrumentation design, development and fabrication.

Complete testing services for any purpose. If we cannot perform the service in our facility, we will broker the program. Our experience and resources in this area have been a real value to our clients.

We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with the results you require.