Air Distribution

A 25 x 25 x 9' room is used to determine: throw, spread and penetration characteristics of air distribution equipment. These tests are performed to ADC AD-63. Pressure drop can be measured within .001 in. wg. Air flow calibrations are performed in accordance with ASME Power Test Code, Chapter 9.

BALLabs is equipped to determine air flow rates and distribution patterns for any size terminal air device. Tests are performed to applicable ASHRAE, ANSI, ASME and ADC standards. For the supply air devices we can provide pressure drop (static and total), throw and spread, balancing factors (Ak) and more. Return air devices include static pressure drop and balancing factors the same as supply air.

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A luminaire calorimeter, developed with the Electrical Power Research Institute, is available to determine the energy distribution of indoor luminaires. The data produced is reported in a form to allow the prediction of the performance of the HVAC system within a given building.

Testing includes:

Relative light output, static pressure, energy to space, energy input, energy removed in return air, plenum temperature, lamp bulb wall temperature, ballast hot spot temperature and all plotted vs air flow 0 -100 cfm.